Founded in 2012, ELK is a Swedish-based company that is currently focusing on making a name for itself in the mobile casino games development market. At present, the firm has just three slots available in its collection; this is because they pride themselves on making high-quality games rather than churning out lots of slots that are below their exceptionally high standard. Read our full review below.

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Behind the scenes

The company uses mathematical formulas and up-to-date technology to keep gamers interested, although it is worth noting that they don’t lose the human touch that is featured in these slots. The mix of technology and personalization is also a popular feature with the slot-playing community. This combination is becoming a niche for the company, which is beginning to gain an impressive number of followers.


The three games that ELK have currently released are hit titles The Lab, Electric Sam, and Champion’s Goals. They have also announced that a fourth game is currently in the works. If it is anything like the other three slots they offer, new game The Fish will become another success in blending excellent graphics, brilliant features with exciting bonuses, and the kind of audio-visual provision that makes it truly ahead of its time.

The Lab

This science theme of this slot is evident immediately with the inclusion of minerals and elements within the reels. You have to line them up on the five reels in order to win big bucks, while you also have the opportunity to win from various bonus games and features on the 15 paylines. You can win through the appearance of Wilds, Scatters, Free Spins, Re Spins and Multipliers, which means there is plenty to keep you interested. ELK also has a distinctive feature called Betting Strategies that lets players personalize the game by using their preferred betting arrangements. If this doesn’t appeal to you, the feature can be switched off if you prefer.

Electric Sam

This slot has five reels and a massive 243 different ways to win. It follows the title character, Electric Sam, the owner of a casino situated in a deep and perilous Troll Forest, along with his wife and daughter, who help him along the way. It includes several Multipliers, Sticky Wilds and Imploding Symbols to keep the slot very entertaining to play.

Champion’s Goal

With five reels and many different ways to pay out, this slot includes Wilds, Scatters and Free Spins. There is even a bonus game including Stacked Wilds and Cascading Symbols, which makes it very entertaining. As you have probably guessed, the theme of this slot is soccer, which makes for a very exciting game.

If any of the three games above capture your interest, it is worth keeping an eye out for ELK’s upcoming new slot, The Fish. It is currently in production and will hopefully be available to play soon. With their quality games and fun, diverse themes, it is no wonder that ELK is continuing to grow in popularity within the slot-playing community.