Playtech is a slots and casino design studio based on the Isle of Man, just off the coast of England. It was founded in 1999 and is the biggest casino games studio in the UK and the second biggest in the world. While they started off providing gaming software for bricks and mortar casinos around the world, they very quickly realized that there was a whole world of online players who rarely or never went into a casino, but still loved playing the best slots. They started tailoring their games to these players and have since gone on to be one of the most recognizable names in online gaming. Read our full review below.

Games worth playing

Playtech games are famous for their smooth gaming interfaces, fun themes, great graphics and layers of features and bonuses. It’s a credit to their reputation that once they started developing games for online players in mind, the casinos were soon impressed and wanted to bring these games back in-house. This led to Playtech offering more customization in their games. This means that players who play at home can see a game they recognize in a casino and know straight away what the set-up is. It also means that when playing at home, their game is especially adapted to a smaller processing speed, and they won’t experience any lag.

The games speak for themselves

Playtech has so many games on offer that it’s hard to keep a track of them all. However, some of the most popular current games are Ice Run, Rocky, Gladiator, Spin 2 Millions and Desert Treasure. A quick look through the reviews will tell you that players love these games. These are all 5-star games with great stories, graphics and special features.

Cool Runnings with Ice Run

While the first look at this game will tell you that it has more to do with the Disney animated movies than the tobogganing one, the actual theme is much different. In Ice Run, players are on the lookout for campfires, igloos, fish, seals and an Eskimo lady to make prizes. This 25-payline game is straightforward and entertaining, but packed with features including a bonus round and free spins.

Rocky without the horror

This Rocky themed slots game is the first and only licensed, official Rocky game. While the game is intuitive, the prizes in Rocky are off the charts. What’s more, a ten-round fight bonus game will let you mix up slots and fist fights as you pick Rocky’s opponent out of Clubber Lang, Apollo Creed or Ivan Drago.

Get out your spade

In Desert Treasure, players head out to Egypt to help our friend, the royal grave robber as he tries to uncover the Golden Cobra Statue. We might not find it today, but there are also three beautiful princesses to find, each with a great prize dowry.

So why not check out what all the hype is about and see if the Playtech games are right for you. With so much choice, there really is something for everyone.